Result Awaited..

The marks or grades that we get after giving an exam is termed as Result. Result in itself is a vast topic and it has a different meaning for different aspects of the effort. Here we are going to discuss it from the perspective of a student and what are the impacts of a result on a student.

For a student, a result is the statement of his performance after the evaluation of the answer copy he writes in an examination. It defines whether a student has passed the exam or not or whether he/she has qualified for the next round or not?

Basically, it is the final verdict of our toil that we keep trying for the sake of a better numerical value on our certificate and on this behalf, we can draft a better future.Maximum number of government jobs and admissions requires the candidates to give an online or offline exam to qualify the selection process. The format of the result may vary for different exams or for different formats of exams. There are various types of exams conducted each year, some are academics and some are competitive. So the results are released in different formats.

For academics, the result is on a percentage basis and it has fixed passing marks that a candidate has to cross. Generally, no normalisation process happens in academics.

For competitive exams, the result is on the cutoff basis or percentile basis. Exams like JEE, NEET, and SSC declare results on the cutoff basis and exams like CAT and MAT declare results on a percentile basis. The cutoff of these types of exams is decided by the number of candidates appearing for the exam and the number of seats available.

Mostly competitive exams take place in multiple shifts and due to this, there is a process of normalisation. Normalisation is the process of providing equal ground of competition to every candidate.

Many times, the results for these exams are awaited for a very long time which makes the candidates keep looking for other opportunities. Many candidates each year wait for the result of their exams so as to get a job which they are passionate about or get admission in a reputed college of their choice so that they can build their career accordingly. The impact of a positive result on the life of a student is that it makes him/her more confident, changes his attitude towards the goal of his life, and pushes him to persevere more for the upcoming exams. We hope that you get a positive exam result and get selected for the job/admission that you have chosen.