Pareeksha pe Charcha 2022

The 5th edition of Pariskha Pe Charcha, the Hon'ble Prime Minister's unique interactive program with kids, teachers, and parents. An online creative writing competition on various topics is being held at for children in classes 9 to 12 teachers and parents in order to pick participants who will be included in the Pariksha Pe Charcha program. About 2050 winners also would receive a certificate signed by Director NCERT, as well as a special PPC Kit including the Hon'ble Prime Minister's Exam Champions book in Hindi or English.

The competitions are a way for students' parents and teachers to submit questions to the Hon'ble Prime Minister. NCERT has chosen a few questions to be included in the program. Media stations invite participants who posed questions in earlier Pariksha Pe Charcha editions to appear on their programs. In a similar vein, this year's selected few may get the opportunity to interact with the media.

##Students from all boards will benefit from PPC 2022.

CBSE students are more concerned this year as a result of the continual changes in the CBSE Board Exam Pattern and Syllabus, and they will surely benefit from this session with PM Modi, who will give his insights on how to cope with CBSE Board Exam stress. The PPC Program, however, is not restricted to CBSE students; students from other state boards are encouraged to attend and benefit from PM Modi's valuable insights.

##The Pareeksha Pe Charcha 2022 highlights

During the fifth edition of the 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi begins his interaction with students and their parents at New Delhi's Talkatora Stadium.

  • addressed all questions on the NaMo app
  • Stay away from the panic environment
  • Connecting with self is more joyous than using an iPad
  • Multiple benefits of NEP 2020 will be seen soon
  • Parents must not pressurize students to score high marks
  • Technology is not a bane
  • 'No difference between online and offline exams'
  • Write a letter to the exam to beat stress
  • Every child is blessed with something unique
  • Students must focus on calming their minds during the exam
  • Students must learn to be present at the moment
  • Exams are stepping stones in our life

In this context, schools will arrange the following:

  1. Use social media and #PPC 2022 to spread the word about the event and your preparations for it. You can create your own posters/ads/videos etc. and publish them accordingly. Selected creatives/videos will also be hosted on the MyGov platform. Place sticky banners of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2022 in prominent places in your school as well as during online teacher classes.
  2. Students will be selected in the state/of Utah for special PPC packages. States were requested to instruct SCERT or state/UT equivalents to conduct the selection process in accordance with the allotted quota in coordination with NCERT.
  3. You can share and promote this important initiative to reduce exam stress to students, teachers, and parents. Ensure that information about Pariskha Pe Charcha is communicated to all students, teachers and parents. Ensure maximum registration of students in grades IX-XII, teachers and parents in the ongoing online creative writing competition.

##Themes For Pariksha Pe Charcha Contest 2022

###Themes For Students

  • Exam Stress Management Strategies During COVID-19: The creative strategies you, as a student, have adopted to deal with pandemic stress and upcoming exam stress.
  • Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Do you know about the history of the village/town you live in? Write about your village, town, or city and talk an unknown aspect of the freedom struggle there.
  • A Self-Sustaining School for a Self-Sufficient India: What does self-sufficiency mean to you? Share your ideas on how to make you and your teachers 'Atmanirbharas' in terms of teaching and learning when schools are not operating at full capacity due to COVID-19.
  • Clean India, Green India: Your ideas on how to step up India's fight against climate change.
  • Digital Collaboration in the Classroom: How your teacher made your online classroom fun, interesting, and effective during the pandemic. Your opinion on how to improve the quality of online classes.
  • Environmental Preservation and Climate Resilience: During the pandemic, you as a student are taking action to protect the environment and climate change.

###Themes For Teachers

National Education Policy (NEP) for Naya Bharat: how the provisions of the National Education Policy will empower the lives of students in particular and society at large and pave the way for Naya Bharat. COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges: improvisations/strategies adopted in teaching during the pandemic and creative decisions made by teachers during the pandemic.

###Themes for Parents

  • Beti Padhao, Desh Bachao: As the country celebrates seven years of successful implementation of the Hon. Prime Minister's "Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao" call, write a creative note on how it has helped in national development.
  • Local to Global - A Voice for the Local: What would you do to make India go 'local to global' ensuring that you are the 'voice for the local'.
  • Student Commitment to Lifelong Learning: Write about any new technologies you have learned from your children during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This year, due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic across the country, Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021 will be held online and Prime Minister Modi will address the crowd of students via videoconferencing to ensure the safety of the event participants.

Pariksha Pe Charcha was first held in 2018 and will be the fourth event. Last year the event was held at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. This year the event is being held virtually. The registration process for Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021 has been completed. According to official information, more than 10.39 thousand students registered for the event. More than 2.62 million teachers and more than 93,000 parents have also registered.