Delay in Government Exam Results

Delay in Government Exam Results is now becoming a trend for the past few years. It can be easily seen that recruitment which is to be held takes 2-3 years to complete. It is not only with certain examinations and boards, nowadays, but most of the examinations and results are also delayed due to some reasons. Almost every government recruitment suffers from protests held by some groups of students and educators. Social media is highly witnessing the posts and campaigns run by the aspirants for government jobs.

Why are the results of Government exams getting delayed?What factors affect the Declaration of Government exam results?

Change in Mode of Examination - If the govt. board or organization that conducts examinations for Recruitment and Admission changes the mode of examination, delay in result can be placed. If the board switches the mode from online to offline, it will take a great time to check and release the result.

Paper leak - If a board conducts an exam and gets any information that the question paper of a day or shift is leaked, then the exam conducting Board can take more time to declare the result.

The untidiness of the Board - Nowadays, It can be easily seen that the Results of government exams are getting delayed due to the negligence of the Board and their employees. Sometimes it happens that the Board is not doing their work properly and on time which results in a Delay in result declaration.

How Delaying Government Exam Results Affects Student life??

In Recruitment Exams:

Delay in Government exam results leads to unemployment. It compels students to wait and continue their preparation for further government exams which affects a student's life economically. A candidate who is preparing for Government job exams already has a lot of stress-related to their family, future, etc., and Delay in exam results leads them to suffer from heavy stress. Several questions are roaming in their minds. How much will he/she score in their exam? How does he/she have to plan for their further studies? Some students among those students who attempted the government exam have to switch their goals due to delays in the declaration of results. Many students also switch their fields or choose other career options for various reasons so that they can build their careers safely. Delay in the announcement of government job results also demotivates a student who is trying to make their career safe and timely. Aspirants have to suffer from many uncomfortable conditions that can affect students' preparation. A major effect on Aspirants is that this weakens the strong plans made by students for their future, due to frustration and anger.

In Entrance Exams:

In India, Entrance examinations are now being compulsory in any Admission process. Those governments who are conducting entrance examinations have to first prepare well for that but due to negligence, these organizations affect some popular and highly demanding entrance examinations i.e. NEET, JEE, GATE, CLAT, etc. Some major impacts of delayed entrance exam results are as follows:

Delay in the result of entrance examinations makes a bad impact on Admissions. After attempting the entrance exam, delay in result announcement leads to late admission, incompletion of syllabus. If an announcement of the result is getting delayed it affects the whole session procedure and term-end exam also resulting in overage of students with required qualifications can lead to unemployment or students may not be able to make their future in their desired field. In today’s fast-paced world, today's generation is suffering from heavy stress and workloads. Instead of these things Delaying results is a great matter of concern for students. It leads to overthinking students about their future. Even after good planning, they have to make a backup plan to secure their future.

Case Study

SSC (CGL) 2019 final result delayed. In this case, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) was expected to release the final result of the SSC CGL 2019 examination on February 15, 2022. Delay in announcing the result could be seen and no updates regarding the result of SSC CGL 2019 were placed on the official website of SSC. The reason behind this delay in announcing the result is a pending case with the Delhi High Court. Usually, the vacancies are released after the declaration of results but SSC had already published the list of tentative vacancies. Due to this situation, the Staff Selection Commission stated that the commission had already prepared the results but will only publish them once the decision of the Delhi High Court is presented regarding the pending case.

The case was filed on April 20, 2021, by a candidate who was dissatisfied with the declared results. For nearly a year, the date for the case kept on getting postponed and ultimately February 15 was fixed for a hearing. However, the hearing could not take place on the same date and it got postponed to February 21.

CTET 2021 Result Delay In this case, Over 18 lakh candidates who registered for the CTET 2021 had been awaiting the result. The CBSE - exam conducting body has announced that the CTET result will be declared on February 15 but it is delayed. There is no official update against the declaration of result or the new dates on which it would be announced from CBSE. Candidates started raising their concerns on social media platforms. Many took to social media platforms urging CBSE to announce results as soon as possible. This has led not only to confusion among candidates but many candidates have also alleged that this had caused them prospective job opportunities.